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Employment Opportunities

Are you the type of person who wakes up with a smile on their face? Do you find success in helping others succeed? Have you been searching for a way to share your positivity with others? It is our philosophy that we're not in the coffee business, we're in the "people" business. Every person we encounter during the day is an opportunity to spread kindness. This is the outlook we're looking for in team members, and the attitude we'd like to share with others.

We are looking for individuals who strive to better their local community, those who will go above and beyond in order to help better those around them, and those who are actively seeking to better themselves. That doesn't mean people with 10+ years behind a coffee bar with a Masters Degree in Chemistry. It means people who want to learn. People who are eager to admit they don't have the answers, but want to find out. Attitude and outlook are the keys to any thriving "people" business.

If reading this put a smile on your face, please find the application below. Fill it out to the best of your ability, then email a scanned/photographed copy to We will reach out when we begin our hiring process in the next few weeks.

A Cup of Coffee


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